no pagas IVA

Sour Diesel x Clon Elite California desconocido x Haze
Flowering 10-11 weeks (I think no more than 9)
Outdoor time middle of Septiembre (more late in Europe)
Indoor Yield: High
Outdoor Yiel: More High

This delicious Sativa is the kind of strain that old-school Sativa lovers crave for. An incredible hybrid that lifts the spirits and awakens the minds that have gone numb.

If buy single seeds you got the CD if you are the last.


Chizpa is an exceptional fir-shaped marijuana plant that grows strong and full of vigour. Thanks to her airy structure and ample internodal spacing, she’s super resilient towards fungi and botrytis. Beware, though. It’s important to keep an eye on her growth since she tends to stretch in excess.

In some 11 weeks of flowering, Chizpa produces spiky buds overflowing with resin at a rate of 450 g/m2 indoors and 800 g/plant outdoors. Rather extraordinary, right?

Chizpa showcases very complex scents reminiscent of Sour Diesel with some fruity and spicy hints topped by a sweet end. She tastes of incense very strongly, but also of berries and sweet fruits.

Chizpa delivers a soaring head high. Give her a try and ride the lighting!

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