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Thu, October 22

Just Chu Majek with our Low Cost Seeds can bring you something like this, you have mixes of 11 seeds by only 20€!


Now you can choose 4 mixes of 11 not auto or 2 mixes of 11 autos, strains selected by me to bring the best, and let you know how big are our Low Cost Seeds, the same quality (yes, exactly the same) than the expensive seeds but with a really low price.

Wed, May 27
Sweet Seeds have a special offer, if buy 3 seeds you got 1 bonus, and if buy 5 you got 2 bonus, but now we got a more seeds only to bring like bonus to the orders with seeds from Sweet Seeds, then now if buy their seeds you will have the offer 3+1 or 5+2 and another seed from other Strain of Sweet Seeds, if buy auto you will have an auto, if buy normal seeds you will have a normal seed, always the same kind of seeds but other strain to let to you know how good are all their seeds. Enjoy it!

Sweet Seeds promo

Fri, October 26

Hi! here you can see some differents mix of 10 seeds from our low cost seeds, any of them by 25€, and all of them (50 seeds) by only 100€. If buy 10 or more the price it's 2,50€/u, no matter if buy different strains, auto and/or no auto, and if buy 50 or more the price it's 2€/u, 50 seeds by 100€, this it's only possible here, in Chu Majek, enjoy it because now you are in the right place!

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