Tue, October 22

On 2011 we start to selling "Low Cost Seeds", and since the beginning a lot of people ask the same question "From which seeds bank come this seeds?" and always it's the same answer:

Low Cost Seeds

- Do you make it? no, we buy this seeds in the distributors.

- From which seeds bank come? they are from Chu Majek Low Cost Seeds, other seeds bank got the same, but this seeds are ours like from them, all bought in the same place.

- They are old seeds? no, it's the opposite, they are the most newest because here are less hands between the breeder and the grower.

- Less quality? not at all, they are exactly the same quality because they are the same seeds, with low price because we don't need pay propaganda.

- Really a seed of 2,48€ can be like other of 13€ with the same name? Yes, I am trying to say that, the best way to understand it's buying both and grow them at the same time.