Wed, April 4

We got availabe CBD Hash from the companies Plant of Life and Solid Hemp Collectibles, with levels of 3,8%, 6% and 22% CBD with only 0,2% THC, this is natural hash extracted from hemp with terpenes of real marihuana plants to bring it the best taste like the real hachís of THC.

It looks very fine, seems really natural, it comes in grams into a little plastic canaster with a photo of the plant, the price it's 7€/gr

Hachís CDB

It's to medicinal use, but the people buy it like when drink a no alcohol beer, to smoke without high or just to know the taste, and it taste good, all of them like it, taste so good and it's weird don't get high with this good taste, they smoked mixed with tobaco like hachis joints, or with their buds, some of them after smoke told me angry "this don't get high!" because they expect to get high, and others think about they fell something, not too much but "something" like if smoke few hits.