Tue, November 13

Hi! Eva Seeds bring us a new offer like Sweet Seeds already doing, it is give us some bonus seeds according the size of our package:

If buy 3 Seeds you have 1 free
If buy 6 Seeds you have 2 free
If buy 9 Seeds you have 3 free

And the price of some of their seeds it's reduced, for example the Veneno was 30€ by 3 seeds, now the price it's 20€ and you have 1 free! and less to pay if you "don't pay TAX" like you do here in Chu Majek, your 4 seeds Veneno by only 16,53€ only one week ago 3 seeds was 30€!

Promo EVA Seeds

You can have this promo in any other shop,  but no one can bring to you the option to buy in single seeds, we can offer 3 single of any strain and you can have one more of a different strain too write me the name in the message that you can leave when finish your order. And in 6 + 2 and 9 + 3 as well, enjoy it, you are in Chu Majek

And by the way, with Sweeds Seeds Auto and Sweet Seeds Fem too, with this seeds bank is 3 + 1 or 5 + 2