Sat, December 15

This limited edition it's available again, this sativa smell a lot and really good, and the high it's so good to listen music, because that it come with a CD from Zatu with GordoMaster, Little Pepe and Niggaswing, available if buy the full packet of 6 seeds, if buy single seeds and your are the last of the 6 you got the CD.

Chizpa de Positronics

Fri, November 30

Someone someday invented the theory of the trichomes and the microscope, and after that every body cut their plants too late, really too late, 2-4 weeks over the right time, loosing time and don't get more yield, only more botrytis, loosing weeks of light to get a less strong and boring high.

Look at this deep analyzing of the trichomes made by UNOCD and explain by me, you can not have any doubt about the right, too see it in Spanish click in the photo, too see in english traduce it by google (it's a good translate, just remember: change "this afternoon" by "too late"), .

A Deep Analyzing

Tue, November 13

Hi! Eva Seeds bring us a new offer like Sweet Seeds already doing, it is give us some bonus seeds according the size of our package:

If buy 3 Seeds you have 1 free
If buy 6 Seeds you have 2 free
If buy 9 Seeds you have 3 free

And the price of some of their seeds it's reduced, for example the Veneno was 30€ by 3 seeds, now the price it's 20€ and you have 1 free! and less to pay if you "don't pay TAX" like you do here in Chu Majek, your 4 seeds Veneno by only 16,53€ only one week ago 3 seeds was 30€!

Promo EVA Seeds

You can have this promo in any other shop,  but no one can bring to you the option to buy in single seeds, we can offer 3 single of any strain and you can have one more of a different strain too write me the name in the message that you can leave when finish your order. And in 6 + 2 and 9 + 3 as well, enjoy it, you are in Chu Majek

And by the way, with Sweeds Seeds Auto and Sweet Seeds Fem too, with this seeds bank is 3 + 1 or 5 + 2