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Welcome to the website of Chu Majek, your reliable growshop.

Where to buy marihuana seeds? At Chu Majek, as always!

Low Cost seeds got a price according the final number of seeds (no matter if buy different strains), now in our web store you can choose the right price:
Low Cost Seeds

If want to buy 12 seeds you must choose the price "Entre 10 y 49 Seeds" at 2,50€, and go by any strain choosing always 2,50€, finally you will have an order of 12 seeds by 30€, no matter how many strains you buy.

A lot of customers ask me about the difference between a seed of 10€ (for example) and a Low Cost with the same name but only 3€... and at last I must to tell.

Low Cost Seeds
Chu Majek Low Cost Seeds Auto
Chu Majek Low Cost Seeds Feminized 

We got availabe CBD Hash from the companies Plant of Life and Solid Hemp Collectibles, with levels of 3,8%, 6% and 22% CBD with only 0,2% THC, this is natural hash extracted from hemp with terpenes of real marihuana plants to bring it the best taste like the real hachís of THC.
CBD Hash 3,8%