Tue, November 13

Hi! Eva Seeds bring us a new offer like Sweet Seeds already doing, it is give us some bonus seeds according the size of our package:

If buy 3 Seeds you have 1 free
If buy 6 Seeds you have 2 free
If buy 9 Seeds you have 3 free

And the price of some of their seeds it's reduced, for example the Veneno was 30€ by 3 seeds, now the price it's 20€ and you have 1 free! and less to pay if you "don't pay TAX" like you do here in Chu Majek, your 4 seeds Veneno by only 16,53€ only one week ago 3 seeds was 30€!

Promo EVA Seeds

You can have this promo in any other shop,  but no one can bring to you the option to buy in single seeds, we can offer 3 single of any strain and you can have one more of a different strain too write me the name in the message that you can leave when finish your order. And in 6 + 2 and 9 + 3 as well, enjoy it, you are in Chu Majek

And by the way, with Sweeds Seeds Auto and Sweet Seeds Fem too, with this seeds bank is 3 + 1 or 5 + 2

Tue, November 6

Sorbet Time!

Fri, November 2

Solo en Chu Majek

Search in internet and compare, if you find something better than Chu Majek, don't believe it!

Fri, October 26

Hi! here you can see some differents mix of 10 seeds from our low cost seeds, any of them by 25€, and all of them (50 seeds) by only 100€. If buy 10 or more the price it's 2,50€/u, no matter if buy different strains, auto and/or no auto, and if buy 50 or more the price it's 2€/u, 50 seeds by 100€, this it's only possible here, in Chu Majek, enjoy it because now you are in the right place!

La hostia y la reshostia

Fri, October 5

Hi! in Chu Majek we got the Low Cost Seeds, we sell this seeds like a Seeds Bank, but we got too seeds at -40% price from other Seeds Banks, since the first time we got this offer, if some seed has more than 6 months in our shop you can buy it at almost half price, they still are young seeds because 6 months it's too early to think they are old, and with this offer you can be sure if buy seeds at the official price they never had too much time in our shop.

-40% offer

Seeds with this offer never are for a long time, usually after they are with discount go out so far, then if you choose any of this please be hurry and pay before all the seeds will be sold, don't waste this good opportunity!

Sat, April 21

Till now was impossible choose the right price with Low Cost Seeds because our web don't know how to do, and still don't know, but now we can do it in a really simple way.

You only must to know how many Low Cost Seeds will buy, no matter how many strains they are, according the total number of seeds they got a different price:

From 1 to 9 seeds: 3€
From 10 to 49 seeds: 2,50€
From 50 to 99 seeds: 2€
From 100 to 249 seeds: 1,90€
From 250 to 499 seeds: 1,75€
More than 500 seeds: 1,50€

Low Cost Seeds

Fri, April 6

A lot of customers ask me about the difference between a seed of 10€ (for example) and a Low Cost with the same name but only 3€... and at last I must tell the truth.

They ask me a lot of times and I can't be quiet more time, to find the answer that clears all uncertainty we did a lot of texts, talking with customers who bought both seeds, after did a lot of calculations, talk even with mathematicians, we made comparisons with studies from scientistsy and after all this work I think finally we find the real truth:

Chu Majek Low Cost Seeds

And that's it.

Chu Majek Low Cost Seeds Auto
Chu Majek Low Cost Seeds Feminized

Wed, April 4

We got availabe CBD Hash from the companies Plant of Life and Solid Hemp Collectibles, with levels of 3,8%, 6% and 22% CBD with only 0,2% THC, this is natural hash extracted from hemp with terpenes of real marihuana plants to bring it the best taste like the real hachís of THC.

It looks very fine, seems really natural, it comes in grams into a little plastic canaster with a photo of the plant, the price it's 7€/gr

Hachís CDB

It's to medicinal use, but the people buy it like when drink a no alcohol beer, to smoke without high or just to know the taste, and it taste good, all of them like it, taste so good and it's weird don't get high with this good taste, they smoked mixed with tobaco like hachis joints, or with their buds, some of them after smoke told me angry "this don't get high!" because they expect to get high, and others think about they fell something, not too much but "something" like if smoke few hits.

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